leading fire solutions in India

    Agnice acquires CodeRed.


CodeRed is an Agnice subsidiary company focusing on Electronics & Security Systems.

 We proudly announce that we bagged ISO certification for supply and installation of Fire Protection & Detection Systems.

Agnice holds the credit of executing the first order for Sapphire System in the entire South East Asia in ATC Towers of Bangalore International Airport.

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  We have been in the Fire Protection Industry over 15 years. Today, we are one of the leading fire solutions company in India and one of the largest EPC contractor providing turnkey solutions to any FIRE RISK from small to large Industries, Oil & Gas Plants, Power Plants, Commercial & Residential Buildings in India & Overseas. Recently, we have acquired CODERED, is focusing on Electronics & Security Systems.

  We do fire installation and it is custom designed and engineered to meet the specific requirement of the customers in compliance with both national & international standards. Agnice is in constant touch with the world leaders in fire protection field to provide its clients with latest products and systems.

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Agnice vision is to be a leader in providing Fire Systems across India, that makes a lasting positive impact on this world, and all of us proudly call home.
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• Customer Focus   • Relentless Improvement   • Commitment  • Professionalism



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